The Joomla! template is a series of files within the Joomla! CMS that control the presentation of the content. The Template is the basic foundation design for viewing your Joomla! website. To produce the effect of a "complete" website, the template works hand in hand with the content stored in the Joomla! databases.

The Joomla Template is designed so that when you insert your content, it inherits the colours, text size, navigation, link styles and menus of the template, giving your content a completely new look.One of the advantages of Joomla is that flash joomla templates can be easily and instantly applied to give your website a totally new look.

The graphics, positioning and colors can be altered without any change in content. Joomla Templates that use CSS or cascading style sheets help to produce layouts without having to use tables.

The advantage of this is it is easier to validate the template code to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium and it also does better in search engines, loads faster and is easier to maintain.

We will design your joomla templates using CSS rather than tables in your templates Debugging and validating your template code.The Template provided by us is well-crafted and easy-to-use.An eye-catching design created by us is unique and makes you Stand out from the crowd.

With Joomla templates you can easily add new pages and add or edit pictures, menus and text as well as video and audio, then click the 'Save' button and you're done! That's all it takes for you to design or re-design your own website- literally at the click of your fingers!!

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