Joomla! Plug-ins or Mambots facilitate the working of Joomla! Components and Modules. In essence, Plug-ins are background extensions that extend Joomla! with new functionality. It is a small code block that manipulates default joomla functions before it is displayed. Joomla Plug-in serve a wide variety of purposes. As joomla modules enhance the presentation of the final output of the Web site, plugins will enhance the data and can also provide some additional functionality. plug-ins are tools to help bridge gaps in the Joomla framework.

Components and modules sometimes called plug-ins inside them, for instance, Joomla editors are plug-ins. Without the right kind of Plug-ins, Joomla! Components and Modules can’t function on any application.If you need something to happen after a Joomla event in your website or you need something that a component or module cannot do then JD will create a plug-in for your website.  We can develop all kind of joomla plug-ins for authentication, system, content, search etc.The Joomla! developers of JD are highly skilful in synchronizing your applications with other sites by utilizing custom made Joomla! Plug-ins.

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